What Happens if You Drink Alcohol While Taking Naltrexone?

The drug naltrexone is rather a well-known drug, which is often used during the treatment of the patients with alcohol addiction and those people, who abuse opioid medications.

The medication Naltrexone is available in the drugstores in the form of tablets and it is intended for the reduction and the suppression of the human’s desire to take opioid drugs or drink alcohol. The medication works by interacting with opioid receptors in the human’s brain. The action of the drug causes the reduction of the human’s desire to drink alcohol or take opioid drugs.

Naltrexone is a safe medication. One of the advantages of taking the drug naltrexone is that the drug does not cause the development of any physical addiction in the human’s organism, as many other medications do. The drug naltrexone can be prescribed by the doctor, so the patient should receive a prescription to get it in the drugstore. The patients should ask the doctor about the drug, its work and the exact dosage. It is also important to ask the doctor about potential risks and possible side effects before taking the medication naltrexone. The medication Naltrexone is commonly taken when a person tries to recover from severe alcohol abuse or opioid drugs abuse.

According to the results of the research, connected with the drug naltrexone and its effect on the alcohol addicted people, it was found out, that the opinions and decisions, according this drug, are rather ambiguous. In general, it can be noted that the people, who use naltrexone for the treatment of alcohol abuse, manage to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume. There is also some decrease in the number of the times they drink alcohol. The patients, taking naltrexone, themselves notice a significant reduction, connected with alcohol consumption that can be considered to be a very significant advantage of the drug naltrexone.


As for the possible side effects that may occur in the result of taking the drug naltrexone, according to the observations of many medical specialists and the patients, suffering from alcohol addiction and taking this drug, any side effects are very rare and a very small percentage of the patients have ever complaint on any side effects when taking naltrexone. But the patients should immediately consult their doctor if they have the following conditions after taking naltrexone: headache, convulsions and any problems with sleep. It is important to inform the doctor about any changes in the patient’s state. The doctor may change the dosage of the drug or the drug naltrexone intake will be stopped.

The patients should remember that it is forbidden to take opiate drugs during taking the drug naltrexone, since it can lead to the occurrence of the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. That’s because the drug naltrexone is an opioid antagonist.

The drug naltrexone is contraindicated to the women in the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

It is believed that the dangers associated with the use of naltrexone during alcohol consumption, haven’t been established. Generally, people who consume alcohol during their therapy with naltrexone usually experience the same violations as after taking a large amount of alcoholic drinks. They may experience the following conditions: slowing down the quickness of thinking, the loss of coordination, slow response time. Also, it should be noted, that such people may experience a decrease in the desire to drink more alcohol.

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